May 27, 2010

screen session crypted password

sometimes i use irssi in screen, but in a box not mine...

so, i would like no one, except me, can reattach my screen...
read: i don't want superuser-root can reattach my screen....

a few of search (and test), et voila:

in screen, type:
ctrl-a ENTER
:password ENTER
[screen asks for password 1th time] TYPE_MY_PASS
[screen asks for password 2th time] RETYPE_MY_PASS

then, if u reattach (only screen -r) it will ask for pass

finally, if u want all future screen sessions use THAT (crypted) password, u have to:
  1. obtain pass: ctrl-a ]
    copy crypted string (i.e. "WWKHW6FMEu6TAjk234j")
  2. save a line into .screenrc as below:
    echo password WWKHW6FMEu6TAjk234j >> .screenrc

enjoy it ;D

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