all my projects are available at github
in this page you can find shortcuts to more relevant, listed below:

  • Olympus

    Olympus is a set of frameworks aiding development Android apps based on geolocalized search.
    Five frameworks partecipate to this "ecosystem":
    • Diane: provides awareness behaviours to code (location/network/cache awareness)
    • Socrates: handles response to GooglePlaces rest service queries, binding from JSON to JAVA with annotations
    • Ulysses: combining Diane with Socrates, it provides a location/network-aware Google Place search framework
    • Hermes: provides an mvc pattern for a better development in Android world
    • Polaris/Kusor: give better strategies for location retrieving
    These components above use other minor libraries/frameworks, still available at my github

  • FaCI

    a facebook friendships and interactions analyzer, written in Java, and using some metrics from graph theory
    brief introduction here
    - technical details at:

  • Conti

    a three-parts app for home expenses management: an android native app; a angularjs web app; a cloud backend in GoogleAppsScript, processing data sent to from clients (android app, webapp) and producing spreadsheet report and charts
    technical details at:

  • FractaLandscapes

    an academic production showing principles of fractaling 3D modeling, with some Java demo
    - details here
  • Montecarlo Spheres

    an academic production showing various task parallel computing approach in Java
    - details here
  • Distributed Texas Hold'Em Poker

    starting as a academic team production, it is a distributed peer-to-peer Texas Hold'Em poker, in Java
    - details here
  • OpenDataExperiments

    Some experiments using d3.js library for Javascript, in order to show raw data from Comune di Palermo (Italy) and ISTAT (Statistical Italian Organization) in a interesting manner: interactive charts, heat maps, n-dimensional charts, and so on
    - demo here

  • PalerMobile

    Featuring again Antonio Notarangelo, we developed a mobile/web app for Palermo OpenData contest
    Get the apps, and fork on github!
    - a demo is available at

  • OpenFarmacie@Ravenna

    Featuring Antonio Notarangelo, we developed a mobile/web app for Ravenna OpenData contest.
    And we got 2^ place! Take a look here!
    Get the app, and fork on github!
    - a demo is available at
    We got 2^ winner place! Take a look at the links above!

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